Who’s Pamela Taylor

January 2, 2014 | 2 Comments

Well, I don’t claim for my life to be the most grandest and groovy! It’s really…ummm…interesting, funny, inspirational, filled with lots of love, and sometimes a little sad. I would say that’s pretty typical of the average person (however you define “average person”)…side eye.

I have experienced some life changing events that I want to share with you and random thoughts…honestly, anything that’s interesting at the time. It can range from being single, married, having children, overcoming postpartum depression, dealing with a husband who battled health issues, and just life.

Self Disclaimer:

I’m a work in progress;)


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  1. Pam, love the blog!! You give just enough for the reader to come back waiting for more interesting subjects 🙂 Continue sharing and inspiring others!!

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