April 8, 2020 | Comments Off on COVID-19

     Tick… Tick… Tick goes time during lock-down. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has totally changed our lives in so many ways. After all this is over, we will have a new normalcy. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I have seen and heard of many different effects of this virus both negative and positive. In my neighborhood families are using they’re quarantine (quality) time to take strolls and bike rides together. Honestly, I never knew there was such a large diversity of cultures in my area. I find it a blessing to witness parents and children enjoying each other. I truly didn’t realize how busy my life was until COVID-19. Everything always had to be strategically planned, from the time I rose in the morning to the point of lying down for rest at night. Staying on schedule was extremely important to ensure my kids bedtime. They need rest (really, I need mine AND some quiet time). Since strategic planning is totally skewed during this quarantine, we are winging it (my schedule keeps changing daily). It is now called “Getting It Done, Sorta.” Distant learning is taking place with numerous breaks and accommodations. Lessons are learned while sitting on my lap, CNN social studies (more for the adults, if the kids are around, they get it too), and extra IPAD time (when needed) as an elective class. I have played with Barbies and baby dolls to no end with my daughters Brielle and Ava. My two-year-old daughter Ava is notoriously named “Big Bully Baby” because she is having difficulties with sharing. She believes every toy belongs to her; so therefore, snatching dolls is fair in her world. Life is busy with working from home and tag teaming with my husband in teaching our daughters. Some days are overwhelming and not too easy to navigate.
     We must continue to remind ourselves daily, not to compare ourselves with others. Everything portrayed on social media and television is not the truth. Complete what you’re able to in your own capacity. Cry if you need to release your frustration, no judgement here. Most importantly, pray, be safe, and communicate to others when you’re feeling inundated. You are not alone in this COVID-19 journey.

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