My Birthday…His Cross

September 19, 2014 | Comments Off on My Birthday…His Cross


September 19th marks a special day for me. Not just the celebration of my birthday, but the appreciation for a peace of mind. Last year, my birthday was one of my darkest days. I felt hopeless, worthless, and depressed. I hid all these emotions “Behind a Smile”. I didn’t rejoice as I usually did about my birthday. All my close friends and family members know how much I love my BIRTHDAY. It was a strain to think of another day living in my struggle.

I recall my husband giving me a diamond cross on a gold chain for my birthday. I do not remember saying thank you, but I will never forget crying after receiving the gift. It was a reminder that my pain was not meant for me to carry. Jesus bore it all on the cross. I cannot say a miraculous change took place at that very moment; and I no longer hurt. It was a process to overcome Postpartum Depression. My cross played a pivotal role in helping me to see…hope.

Today and forever more, I am free, happy, beautiful, strong, appreciated, hopeful, and all the other good stuff… God has given me peace.

Never would’ve made it without God (in my Marvin Sapp singing voice).

Happy Birthday to me!!

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