Freedom in Truth

July 2, 2014 | Comments Off on Freedom in Truth


Preparing for my seminar was theraputic. I gained so much insight on myself!

I worked hard to give my best and all. While practicing my presentation aloud, I realized a hint of pain from my postpartum depression lingered…I broke down crying. Secrets I never shared with anyone was the missing piece to my complete healing. Hearing my own pain from myself made things even more real.  I thought, “Wow, I went through that!” “How did I make it without losing my mind?”

Years ago, I would often hear the mothers of the church say, “God kept my mind when I should have lost it.” Never fully understanding the point of their statements. Now, I do! When I was at my weakest point, God was my strength. Many times I felt alone, but he was there all the time. He was present through my family, friends, and doctor.

I count it as an honor and privilege to deliver my truth to other women. There is no shame nor guilt in being a blessing.


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