Minding My Own Business

July 16, 2014 | Comments Off on Minding My Own Business

Why become so vested in the next man affairs? Is it a lack of business? I do not understand the need to become so consumed with someone else’s life choses. I have enough going on in my own life. Besides, I have no power to make a person change. On top of that! I have no room to judge anyone. I fall short EVERYDAY. I have come to realize those who always find fault in others; and spend time judging…have their own set of issues. They do not know who they are as a person. They find the need to pump themselves up through others downfalls…low self esteem. I do believe we are to help our sisters and brothers when they fail. How do we help? By going to them in love and not gossiping behind their back. When we show love, we will protect and embrace.

I do know, every man must work out their own salvation through God. Once again, GOD! Not man!!

A daily reminder for me:

I must pick the beam out of my own eyes…before shining the bright light on others.


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