For the Greater…

My kids and I decided to watch The Flash and pretty much stopped our regular bedroom routine for this series. I became interested in this particular show because of the stress and shenanigans surrounding the election. I needed a reprieve with excitement. Watching Barry (The Flash) mature into his role as a superhero caused me to reflect on myself and those in leadership whose heart is truly for people. They take on a responsibility to serve others with fidelity. There is no room for selfish motives.

At one point in the series, Barry experienced devastation after devastation. The emotional agony pushed him to create a new timeline of his life to find a place of happiness in the midst of his turmoil. In doing so, Barry altered the present world. Barry has the power to run at high speeds which gives him the ability to travel into the past, future, and create a new reality. He cannot change real life without negative consequences. Barry’s action was out of selfishness because he was warned of the negative repercussions of not accepting the present and dealing with his hurt. Think about our current lifeā€¦ How are we affecting ourselves and others by holding on to our past, fear or pain, and not living in the present? Barry later learns to deal with his struggles with the help of his team and counseling. Yep, this show actually incorporated a superhero getting therapy (if you need it, get it). Barry finally embraces the importance of sacrificing his life for thousands of people. We must realize our existence is more than just for our small circle. Your decisions are a ripple effect. You never know who is counting on your next move. With so much shifting in society, holding on to integrity, forgiving, giving grace, and most of all showing love is paramount to all. Do not take who you are and your current situation for granted. Just as Barry realized his life was a sacrifice for the greater good, so is yours!

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