Life in the Roots

A few months ago my husband and I planted new grass. Our previous lawn reminded you of the Sahara desert, minus the tumble weeds. My husband had worked diligently to maintain our lush green sod. Unfortunately, a few dead spots arose because of too much fertilizer buildup. The problem worried my faithful companion to the point of him hiring a notable lawn service company to spray our grass. Our turf did not get better because the company advised my husband to cut back on watering the lawn. That bad advice caused other parts of the grass to dry out. I began to pray about the situation because we can take anything to God, even the grass he created. One day my cousin stopped by our home to change my brakes. He is an expert in all things: maintenance, lawns, cars, plumbing… you name it! Within five minutes he gave a whole analysis of our current browning situation. My multi-talented family member took a rake and began to scrape off the dead grass to expose the roots. Instantly, I saw green radicals spread about the ground sinking into the soil. A brief lesson of the development of sod was given to me by my cousin. He explained how there was no need to buy new grass because there was life in the roots. The entire explanation made me think of the things we go through in life that seem to bury us emotionally. Deep within there is life hidden underneath those hurt places that only mirrors death. What do you need to uncover so you can expose life? There is no need to be ashamed of removing those layers of fear, abuse, lies, and pain to reveal life. You are special and deserve to be your best. Breathe again by raking the trash away ¬†through prayer, counseling, letting go, and moving forward.

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