Free Postpartum Depression Seminar

Free Upcoming Postpartum Depression Seminar

Please come out and learn about postpartum depression. At least 10 to 15 percent of mothers experience this condition. You do not have to face it alone. There is no shame…Enlightenment through Perseverance.

November 15th 10:30am

2817 Belco Dr
Orlando, Fl 32808


SuperParent Qualifications

If you meet one or more of the following qualifications you are a SuperParent:

  • Have a child(ren).
  • Able to carry 6 or more bags of grocery and a baby in a carrier- all at the same time.
  • Able to nurse/feed your baby while cleaning and/or cooking.
  • Able to change your child in a moving vehicle (on your lap).
  • Able to watch a movie and hold a conversation with your child; and never miss a scene or when to insert a comment.
  • Able to feed yourself and child simultaneously.
  • Able to drive like a pro (no swerving into other lanes or hitting the curb) while passing snacks to your child or holding the bottle (one arm on the steering wheel, the other is extended to the back).
  • Able to hold your child while using the restroom (wipe, wash hands, and never touch them with “that hand”).
  • Able to know exactly when to wake up before your baby starts to cry for a bottle.
  • Able to bathe your child in 3 minutes or less (this includes drying and dressing).
  • Able to cook while entertaining a toddler.
  • Able to walk through the house at night and not break a leg or toe  (toys are scattered everywhere).
  • Able to change you child’s diaper in about 30 seconds (add 5 seconds for explosive poops).
  • Able to read your child a bedtime story with your eyes closed (you’ve memorized the book).
  • Able to decipher your child’s language that is Greek to others.
  • Able to nurse/bottle feed your baby in the dark half sleep(the bottle lands right in their mouth; no milk on the cheeks or forehead).
  • Able to know when your child needs a nap (ignoring the fact, he or she is running around like they are on a sugar high).
  • Able to maintain a smile and happy voice at your lowest point.
  • Able to spot the not-so-nice babysitter at first glance (ummm…no thanks).
  • Able to grocery shop while holding your child and pushing the cart (he or she refuses to leave your hip without making a scene).
  • Able to sorta…kinda…style your daughter’s hair with adorable ponytails.
  • Able to maintain a perfect household (however you define perfect) while you are seriously ill (flu, cold, high fever, broke toe, etc…).

I only named a few requirements…the list is ENDLESS!

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