Who said families are perfect? Not me!! Everyone was not given the same opportunities or life lessons from their parents/guardians. Some of us were raised with both parents in the home, some were not. It does not make anyone more or less important.

My parents did the best they knew how. It was trial and error. And nope, they didn’t get everything right! There was never a parent handbook on “How to Raise the Nobles Children”. Nevertheless, I would say they did a good job. My siblings and I are not at war and we love each other. Most importantly, they gave us a strong foundation in God.

Sheesh, I’m figuring out daily on how to rear my own child.

I know it’s not easy for everyone to embrace their family. Some people have seen and experienced the worse part of their lives at the hands of their relatives. I cannot sympathize, only empathize the suffering. I say, “Be encouraged and find the strength to move forward”. Long as we have breath in our body, we have the choice to make the necessary changes for ourselves and children.

Accolades do not define us. What matters is the love, kindness, and respect we share with others.

Am I Strong Enough?

Life has been so busy, putting together a birthday party, work, establishing a new business, being a wife, and mother…did I forget unforeseen situations . It has not been easy. At one point I felt so overwhelmed. I told God,”I was tired and needed a break”. The very next morning during my devotional I read, I’m stronger than I think. I said, “No, I’m not! Deliver me already!”  My little rant did not help. I faced more unforeseen situations.

It hit me in church (with the help of my bishop). God’s grace has always been sufficient enough for me. He knows how much I can handle. He bears the extra. How could I forget my strength? I stopped resisting the inevitable. I was able to move forward with a new perspective. I’m becoming stronger and wiser.  All the hardships are not meant to hurt me…only if I allow them to. Thank you trials!! You are pushing me into my destiny.


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