All In A Year


Wow! I can’t hardly believe it! Brielle is turning one this month (5/26). I am grateful to have endured postpartum depression, a husband who had a transplant, and my first year of motherhood. I couldn’t fully appreciate God’s gift to my husband and I during Brielle’s first few months. I always loved Brielle, but I was not in love with her. I was too tired and sad. Life has a funny way of teaching us the lesson of appreciation. While many mothers, doted on their newborns, I wanted mine to disappear. I cannot change my thoughts or feelings at that time. I was not myself.  Over time, I fell in love with my baby. She is so dear to me. I cannot imagine life without her. Brielle and her father are part of my purpose. They are my strength. Someone who seemed so draining to me is now my reason for living.

Without the challenges I endured after her birth, I would have not developed into the woman I am today. She was my rock when my husband underwent his transplant. I know some people were wondering why I took her to the hospital with me the day of his surgery. I needed her to be with us. We all needed each other. Eventhough, she was clueless. Her presence was clear to me. I am forever grateful to God. He gave us a blessing at the perfect time.

Happy Birthday Brielle N. Taylor!!! Mommy and Daddy love you to life!!!


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