For the Greater…

My kids and I decided to watch The Flash and pretty much stopped our regular bedroom routine for this series. I became interested in this particular show because of the stress and shenanigans surrounding the election. I needed a reprieve with excitement. Watching Barry (The Flash) mature into his role as a superhero caused me to reflect on myself and those in leadership whose heart is truly for people. They take on a responsibility to serve others with fidelity. There is no room for selfish motives.

At one point in the series, Barry experienced devastation after devastation. The emotional agony pushed him to create a new timeline of his life to find a place of happiness in the midst of his turmoil. In doing so, Barry altered the present world. Barry has the power to run at high speeds which gives him the ability to travel into the past, future, and create a new reality. He cannot change real life without negative consequences. Barry’s action was out of selfishness because he was warned of the negative repercussions of not accepting the present and dealing with his hurt. Think about our current life… How are we affecting ourselves and others by holding on to our past, fear or pain, and not living in the present? Barry later learns to deal with his struggles with the help of his team and counseling. Yep, this show actually incorporated a superhero getting therapy (if you need it, get it). Barry finally embraces the importance of sacrificing his life for thousands of people. We must realize our existence is more than just for our small circle. Your decisions are a ripple effect. You never know who is counting on your next move. With so much shifting in society, holding on to integrity, forgiving, giving grace, and most of all showing love is paramount to all. Do not take who you are and your current situation for granted. Just as Barry realized his life was a sacrifice for the greater good, so is yours!

A Marvel Moment

I am a lover of Marvel Superheroes! Who would have known Avengers: Endgames, packed so much meaning? I watched this movie about 3x’s, and the same thrills and excitement always overtake me. However, on my third viewing, a powerful message was revealed to me through a particular scene. It reminded me of God’s presence and his gift of people in our lives. Sorry if I lose you with the characters, but it will all make sense in the end. Thanos, (a horrible villain) was fighting Iron Man, Captain America and Thor (all three of them are Avengers). They were being pulverized by Thanos. Captain America conjured up the little strength he had left to fight the powerful enemy. Then suddenly! With the help of Dr. Strange and his crew, numerous Avengers and fellow superheroes began to appear. The almost defeated Avengers were doing their best to defend themselves against Thanos.  They had no clue their entire team would show up at that precise moment to help them crush the evil villain.

 Let’s translate this into reality. When we are at our weakest moments, God is ready to step in and will send someone or a team to aid us. He is our ever present and all powerful help. I’ve had countless situations of being weary, but a family member(s) or friend(s) showed up at the right second. The Bible tells us,” For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20 ESV). There is power in numbers. As I say often, you are never alone. It is important to cultivate meaningful relationships. We need each other. Just as the Avengers suddenly appeared to bring down Thanos, God is ready to slay your giants!  


     Tick… Tick… Tick goes time during lock-down. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has totally changed our lives in so many ways. After all this is over, we will have a new normalcy. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I have seen and heard of many different effects of this virus both negative and positive. In my neighborhood families are using they’re quarantine (quality) time to take strolls and bike rides together. Honestly, I never knew there was such a large diversity of cultures in my area. I find it a blessing to witness parents and children enjoying each other. I truly didn’t realize how busy my life was until COVID-19. Everything always had to be strategically planned, from the time I rose in the morning to the point of lying down for rest at night. Staying on schedule was extremely important to ensure my kids bedtime. They need rest (really, I need mine AND some quiet time). Since strategic planning is totally skewed during this quarantine, we are winging it (my schedule keeps changing daily). It is now called “Getting It Done, Sorta.” Distant learning is taking place with numerous breaks and accommodations. Lessons are learned while sitting on my lap, CNN social studies (more for the adults, if the kids are around, they get it too), and extra IPAD time (when needed) as an elective class. I have played with Barbies and baby dolls to no end with my daughters Brielle and Ava. My two-year-old daughter Ava is notoriously named “Big Bully Baby” because she is having difficulties with sharing. She believes every toy belongs to her; so therefore, snatching dolls is fair in her world. Life is busy with working from home and tag teaming with my husband in teaching our daughters. Some days are overwhelming and not too easy to navigate.
     We must continue to remind ourselves daily, not to compare ourselves with others. Everything portrayed on social media and television is not the truth. Complete what you’re able to in your own capacity. Cry if you need to release your frustration, no judgement here. Most importantly, pray, be safe, and communicate to others when you’re feeling inundated. You are not alone in this COVID-19 journey.


As a parent, I often have the “Enough” questions resonating throughout my mind. Am I showing my kids [through my words and actions] that I love them enough? Am I teaching them enough about good morals (not that they really understand what morals mean)? Am I teaching them enough about God through my lifestyle, reading the Bible, helping others, praying, and attending church? Do we have enough meaningful conversations? Do I engage with them enough? Do I read enough to and with them? Am I modeling enough correct behaviors and manners? Am I providing them with enough opportunities to develop their academic and social skills? The list is forever growing with new challenges daily. Whenever my mind starts racing, I tell myself to stop and breathe. I am not perfect. My imperfections have allowed me to see my parenting is flawed. Why? Reread, I am not perfect. None of us are. However, I know someone who is… God. Just recently a friend reminded me of the scripture, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything…” (Philippians 4:6 NLT). Prayer leads us to answers for parenting. It has led me to people with great insight on dealing with kids. I asked God for help. He gave me a community, blogs, and peace. Praying has aided me in being less frustrated when my evening schedule is not being followed to perfection (OCD from Postpartum Depression).

Let me tell you, Brielle (my 6 year old daughter) receives an “N” in conduct on every progress report and report card because she loves to express herself through unsolicited communication. A nice way to say it, “she talks too much.” Initially, I overreacted which only upset Brielle and myself. During my prayer time God allowed me to know she really did not understand how her excessive communication impacted her classmates, the teacher, and conduct. Once Brielle and I had the “talking discussion” a few times, she started listening more and having less conversations. It is a work in progress. I should have prayed from the beginning.

God is concerned about every small detail. I can’t do life on my own. Those “Enough” questions are His to handle.

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