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I Wanted to be Angry!

The Thursday before Irma hit Florida was a very trying time for me. My Friday morning didn’t begin so well either. Brielle (my daughter) was upset because she didn’t want to wear a particular colored shirt to school. My husband volunteered to help “in a not so polite way.” Tsk- tsk. Pregnancy hormones and anger are not a good mixture for anyone. Thankfully, daddy dearest just walked away with a scowl on his face. I didn’t feel any restraint nor grace at that moment (just blatantly ignored the Holy Spirit telling me to remain calm.) I left for work and made a quick stop by Publix. The produce manager was so kind. In my opinion, Publix is the place to go if you need a quick boost of happiness. The manager asked me if I needed anything. While smiling, I told him “No.” I quickly turned back to him to say, “Yes, I need a housekeeper, chef, nanny, and a vacation!” For some reason, no words came out of my mouth. He probably thought that I was a little weird because I paused and stared at him. But I honestly wanted to tell this guy all of the above, LOL! I can’t be the only one who has ever felt like spewing out their problems/needs to a stranger. My focus had quickly shifted to temporary problems and not to the one who can provide a solution. I got myself together to pray.  It still took awhile before everything returned to normalcy. There was the issue of me not totally letting go of the opposition. I wanted to be angry, frustrated, and pop-off.  How silly it sounds to feel that way, but it’s the truth. Even in my pettiness, God still loved me enough to send a reminder of forgiveness and his reassurance of having everything in his control.

I released the pain. Our sovereign Lord gave me peace and began to shift those wayward things around for me.  Totally surrendering your hurt to Christ will make a difference in your perspective of the dilemmas you face. Just being human, we sometimes allow trials to overtake us, but we have to quickly turn to the word of God and prayer. When we build a relationship with Christ he will always give us that nudge to walk in love, peace, and truth…even when we do not want to.




Peace Through Prayer

An age old adage we often hear or recite is “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I say, “Pray!” There is nothing more powerful than this act. Recently, I had to face a difficult situation that could have resulted in a really negative effect, but because of the grace of God he forewarned me of the problem in advance. God gave me a great sense of peace to confirm all was well. I contribute the successful outcome to having a prayer life. I could have reacted and behaved in such an ugly manner that would’ve not pleased God. I encourage you to build a relationship with God through prayer and the word. He will lead, protect, and correct you when needed. There is nothing to big nor hard for him to accomplish. Our prayers are not always answered in a time frame we expect, but a solution comes within perfect timing. Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17


The Power of Prayer

The power of praying family and friends has played a vital role in my life. Have you ever experienced days when you felt as though the world was raining spikes down on you? I sit at the desk within the classroom of Life 1101 with both my hands raised. Let me tell you, I was feeling so terrible about three weeks ago. I laid in bed with tears streaming down my face trying to compose myself in front of my daughter, but I couldn’t quite get a grip. She stood in front of me wiping my tears away while saying, “Mommy it’s not that bad, it will be okay.” I just let her comfort me in that moment. My husband sat on the bed rubbing my leg to help soothe me. He told Brielle, “We need to pray for mommy.” He prayed his prayer, then Brielle took her turn. She said, “God I know you can do it, so heal my mommy right now!” I was thinking, “WOW! This little girl has some serious faith and confidence.” I felt better, but experienced the same symptoms for almost a week. After about the the third day, I suddenly felt different. Deep within I could feel the prayers of those that were close to me. It was such an amazing awareness to literally recognize those who were interceding on my behalf, by name. Thankfully, I have not endured that type of sickness since. I am grateful to be surrounded by friends and family who are able to know when I am at a low point to pray without a request.

There is nothing like the power of prayer. Surround yourself with those who can help you make it through the dark hours of life.

“…pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (NIV, James 5:16)”


Hey!! You Forgot to Apologize!!

A revision of “No Sorry”.

I had to learn how to move forward without hearing, “I’m sorry.”

Some people had no clue they hurt me. Others were not in a place to show humility for their negative actions. I didn’t want to forgive anyone. I needed them to acknowledge the pain they caused me. Everyone does not have the capacity to acknowledge the need to apologize for wronging others. I’ve seen so many reality shows with friends fighting and then having the expectation of one saying the magic words, “I’m Sorry.” When this does not occur, the hurt peer lashes out from the pain. Then you have hurt people, hurting each other. There is no resolve to the damage if this type of behavior continues. As much as it pains you – forgive to live. A part of our life stops in that moment when we choose to live in the misery. Example: if a close friend betrays your trust, you are hurt and upset by this action. Most likely the friendship will never be the same or it’s over. We can also use a bad divorce or a terrible boyfriend/girlfriend breakup in place of the reckless friend… different scenario, but same ending. Fast forward down the road of life. A trustworthy person which possesses the qualities of a true confidant crosses your path. Unfortunately, the wounds from the past keeps you from truly engaging in a relationship that has the potential to change your life. We have friends that give us a new lease on life. They have the capacity to open new doors in pursuing our purpose. I have people in my life who keep me grounded and progressive.

God allowed me to see His heart.  The same heart He gave me after I accepted Him into my life. Jesus asked God to forgive those who took part in his crucifixion… while they divided his clothes, and gambled for them. (Luke 23:34 The Bible) Jesus knew he was sent to die for our sins. He could not accomplish this goal without forgiving his abusers.

We can not fully serve God with an unforgiving heart. God gave me the strength to forgive. It was not an EASY thing for me to do. Especially when I suffered hurt from those I love. I had to move forward without hearing, “I’m sorry.” I refuse to have unforgiveness hindering me from truly being happy and enjoying life.

The best revenge is not your paper, it’s forgiveness.

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Can We Pray?

I recall, as I was growing up, seeing (and hearing) my parents pray about everything. I would often hear my mother praying every afternoon in her room. “Oh my goodness,” my siblings and I thought. She was soooo loud! I promise you that the entire neighborhood could hear her praying and praising the Lord. LOL! And I will never forget attending the many prayer meetings at church and parishioners’ homes. I didn’t understand all the praying at that time, but I do now.

I have been faced with many trials and decisions that only God was able to resolve… through prayer. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. No, it doesn’t mean you have to drop on your knees every second. It means, always being mindful of Christ throughout your day. Prayer not only changes your circumstances, it will also transform you. Your conversations change, your thought process changes, and most of all your heart changes. The effectiveness of praying may sound far-fetched, but it’s the truth. Try it. 🙂

There is nothing too big nor hard for God. Satan will try to fill your head with lies and say that your situation is too much for God or you’re not worthy to pray. Don’t believe the hype!! God can do anything, you know – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! (Ephesians 3:20 MSG) God is ready to attend to the prayers of his people! For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil. (1 Peter 3:12)

Devote a specific time for you and God to meet. I prefer to have devotion early in the morning before I get my day started. Trust me, I know how hectic life can become in a matter of seconds.  My goal is to keep God first and allow him to direct my paths.

But you know what works best for you… As I have said before, lay your burdens before God. He is ready to give you rest.


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