March 19, 2020 | Comments Off on Enough?

As a parent, I often have the “Enough” questions resonating throughout my mind. Am I showing my kids [through my words and actions] that I love them enough? Am I teaching them enough about good morals (not that they really understand what morals mean)? Am I teaching them enough about God through my lifestyle, reading the Bible, helping others, praying, and attending church? Do we have enough meaningful conversations? Do I engage with them enough? Do I read enough to and with them? Am I modeling enough correct behaviors and manners? Am I providing them with enough opportunities to develop their academic and social skills? The list is forever growing with new challenges daily. Whenever my mind starts racing, I tell myself to stop and breathe. I am not perfect. My imperfections have allowed me to see my parenting is flawed. Why? Reread, I am not perfect. None of us are. However, I know someone who is… God. Just recently a friend reminded me of the scripture, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything…” (Philippians 4:6 NLT). Prayer leads us to answers for parenting. It has led me to people with great insight on dealing with kids. I asked God for help. He gave me a community, blogs, and peace. Praying has aided me in being less frustrated when my evening schedule is not being followed to perfection (OCD from Postpartum Depression).

Let me tell you, Brielle (my 6 year old daughter) receives an “N” in conduct on every progress report and report card because she loves to express herself through unsolicited communication. A nice way to say it, “she talks too much.” Initially, I overreacted which only upset Brielle and myself. During my prayer time God allowed me to know she really did not understand how her excessive communication impacted her classmates, the teacher, and conduct. Once Brielle and I had the “talking discussion” a few times, she started listening more and having less conversations. It is a work in progress. I should have prayed from the beginning.

God is concerned about every small detail. I can’t do life on my own. Those “Enough” questions are His to handle.

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