Thank you

April 23, 2017 | Comments Off on Thank you

I experienced a coworker lying on me recently. The situation kind of frazzled me because of the extent of how this person defended her lie. There was no need for the alternative facts. In the initial moment of discovering this plight against me, I really wanted to react in an ungodly manner. You know how you type out a nasty email in response then erase it because you know you can’t send it. Yep, that was me (Petty).  Once I quieted my flesh, the holy spirit quietly spoke to me, “Pray.” That is exactly what I did. Immediately my mood shifted to peace. A professional and direct email was sent to bring resolution to the matter. I forgave her and moved forward. No need to hold grudges.  I understand Jesus was lied on, crucified, and ROSE from the grave. The grave of lies, deceitfulness, and sin…he overcame! To God be the glory, that didn’t stop Him. He has all power! God always gets the glory out of everything. The truth will prevail. What some people do not realize is whatever they sow, they shall reap. It is in the word of God (Bible). Live a life of integrity in front of others and behind their backs. You gain so much respect. There are no worries on my end. No weapon formed will prosper. The enemy will plot and implement his plans, but that does not mean it shall come to fruition.  I thank God for the experience. It helped me to see how far my attitude and love walk has evolved. Stay focused in all things. Do not allow bumps in the road of life to tear you down. You have the greater living on the inside. Hallelujah!!

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