Just Thank the Agitator

February 19, 2017 | 1 Comment

How do you handle op-positional people? Are you quick to snap back or do you retreat?  I remember a conference that I attended about 20 years ago, the speaker asked a set of questions about difficult people in our lives. The first question was, “Is it someone you do not like?” Second question, “Do you you hate to see this person coming?” Third question, “Does this person get on your nerves?” My cousin loudly yelled out, “yes” to every question. The speaker’s response was, “You are the one with the problem.” How? Because we allow this one person to get us out of pocket and lose our witness. Our love walk needs to become stronger. Love covers a multitude of sins. We do not have to agree with, like what this individual displays, or how they treat others. But, we must show love.

It is nice to be graciously blessed to endure someone that is not the easiest person to deal with (not really, but yeah). I liken this individual to the agitator in a washing machine. Remember the ones with the pole protruding from the middle of it. The main purpose of this apparatus is to agitate the dirt out of soiled clothing, comparable to the job of that crass person. They help ugly things hidden within us, to surface and be released. We’re the ones who have to learn how to bridle our tongues and not allow the bitterness of anyone to take us out of character. We never know, we may be the instrument used to bring change to the antagonist’s life or God may just be building us into perfection.
The Bible tells us “…when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.” (NLT, James 1:2) To become the best you, embrace the opposition. It is not your job to repay with  negative words or actions. Stand up for yourself with grace and the boldness of Christ… full of love. 🙂

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  1. Man them agitators can get on my last freaking nerves especially when they live with you…geesssh fix it JESUS

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