Not Picasso, But Thank You

October 18, 2016 | 1 Comment


I was feeling kinda blah after work on  last Tuesday. Internally, I debated on attending bible study. My energy level was on low and there was not a burst of rejuvenation in the horizon. My cousin called at the 12th hour to ask if I would be going to church. No, was my response. It required too much preparation. After the phone call, I continued to contemplate going. A quick glimpse at the time and with a small surge of energy, my daughter and I got dressed to go.
My pants were wrinkled, my face was oily, and my stomach was rumbling. I didn’t feel like a beauty queen walking out the door. As I sat in church listening to the life changing word being brought forth by Pastor Dio Pouerie, my neighbor across the aisle gave me a note. It said, “You are so pretty” along with a hand drawn picture. The gesture was so unexpected. The action totally made my night.
It’s the small things that make a huge difference in our lives. People just like to be acknowledged, appreciated, and complimented. The drawn picture of a girl and a flower was definitely not the work of Picasso (nor Dr. Suess lol), but it was heartfelt. God knew exactly what I needed. Each day practice greeting, commending, or just smiling at people you encounter throughout the day. You never know how much the expression of caring will benefit that person.

Thank you Elizabeth Brown!

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  1. This is very true! We never know the power behind a positive word if even just one word! It’s a seed to build true synergy!! ❤️
    Thanks for sharing

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