Am I Strong Enough?

June 4, 2014 | Comments Off on Am I Strong Enough?

Life has been so busy, putting together a birthday party, work, establishing a new business, being a wife, and mother…did I forget unforeseen situations . It has not been easy. At one point I felt so overwhelmed. I told God,”I was tired and needed a break”. The very next morning during my devotional I read, I’m stronger than I think. I said, “No, I’m not! Deliver me already!”  My little rant did not help. I faced more unforeseen situations.

It hit me in church (with the help of my bishop). God’s grace has always been sufficient enough for me. He knows how much I can handle. He bears the extra. How could I forget my strength? I stopped resisting the inevitable. I was able to move forward with a new perspective. I’m becoming stronger and wiser.  All the hardships are not meant to hurt me…only if I allow them to. Thank you trials!! You are pushing me into my destiny.


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