Married life

February 25, 2014 | 1 Comment


Once the novelty of the shiny new rings wear off; and after the honeymoon…the married life begins.

Marriage is not always easy. Two very unique people have come together as one (lawd, my husband and I are so “special”). Regardless, of how much we love each other our differences clash. At one point, I wondered if I was going to make it. Sometimes, our clashes felt like a war. In every conflict, there is a learning curve. For me, growth in the area of communication; and of course, taming the tongue. It’s ok to let go of “it’s not that serious issues”. So what, he does not make the bed everyday. So what, he leaves the sliding door open for the dog. So what, he does not wipe the toothpaste splatter off the bathroom mirror. So what, he leaves the toilet seat up… well, I kinda wish he would put it down at all times. I almost fell in the toilet. Nevertheless, It’s a lot of other things he does right!! He loves me unconditionally!!

We made a vow, for better or for worse. The worse is only temporary; for better is eternal.

I love my husband!!

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