Working on Option Two

February 27, 2014 | Comments Off on Working on Option Two

I entered into my coworkers’ office, where I encountered my first test for the day. She greeted me by saying, I looked nice. Then, she proceeded to ask me if I was going to the club after work (I had on a maxi dress).  Now, I had two options on how to react. One- Become indignant or Two- Ignore. I chose 3- The stare down. I gave her a look that brought a loud silence of discomfort.

I can’t say I was pleased with my reaction. I didn’t react verbally, but my body language was screaming nasty words. I was disappointed in myself. I’m trying to master “the love walk”.

I do not believe in allowing people to bulldoze over you. Yet, there is not always a need to retaliate. I am held accountable for my own actions. There are going to be people who do not have the right thing to say. It’s my job to respond in the right way.

I’m pretty sure, someone else will say something disrespectful…more practice to master “the love walk”.


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