Home Again


We finally purchased our new home. I cannot explain the emotions of being able to call Home…”Home!” Along this journey of homeownership we struggled with not yet, not possible, and NO! Keeping it real…my faith did falter at times, but I never gave up on seeing this day.

Previously, I owned two properties; and had to short sell both of them. I was effected by the downward turn of the real estate market. I didn’t  want to face any more losses and not one more NO! After getting married, my husband and I set out to purchase a home. I cannot begin to count the number of houses we looked at in person and online. We grew weary of combing through the housing inventory in west Orlando. Without any luck of finding what we wanted, a new build was our decision. It was exciting to pick out everything for our brand new home. From the front doors, tile, carpet, cabinets, countertops, and more…We chose it all! Visiting the construction site every Sunday after church became our favorite pasttime. It was amazing to see a vacant lot comprised of dirt become a structural building for our home.

Unfortunately, we never moved into the home we diligently and meticulously crafted for ourselves. We had issues with an unforeseen credit problem and a tax return that was prepared incorrectly (unbeknownst to us). I was disappointed.

We rented a home (that was burglarized two weeks after moving in). Two flat screen televisions, laptop, kindle, and a couple of baseball caps were the chose of the thugs. Yep, really! I was like, “God what’s up? We didn’t get our new home and now THIS!” The only response God gave me was nothing. Well, not anything I wanted to hear at the moment. “Be encouraged and don’t give up!”, was what I got. I get a lot of those…lol! I wanted us to have our own place. I was being ungrateful and complaining. The whole concept of delayed, but not denied was not making since.

Fast forward a year later, we regained all that was lost and more. Our new home is actually better than one we customized for someone else…lol! We have all the upgrades we couldn’t afford at that time. The No and Not Yet, was actually preparation for BETTER! Do not give up! My faith grew deeper and stronger in God. I had to depend on him to guide me through the process. I stand firm on…If God said it, that settles it!

*The name of the main street leading into our subdivision is Home Again Rd. How befitting for us! 🙂

Minding My Own Business

Why become so vested in the next man affairs? Is it a lack of business? I do not understand the need to become so consumed with someone else’s life choses. I have enough going on in my own life. Besides, I have no power to make a person change. On top of that! I have no room to judge anyone. I fall short EVERYDAY. I have come to realize those who always find fault in others; and spend time judging…have their own set of issues. They do not know who they are as a person. They find the need to pump themselves up through others downfalls…low self esteem. I do believe we are to help our sisters and brothers when they fail. How do we help? By going to them in love and not gossiping behind their back. When we show love, we will protect and embrace.

I do know, every man must work out their own salvation through God. Once again, GOD! Not man!!

A daily reminder for me:

I must pick the beam out of my own eyes…before shining the bright light on others.


Freedom in Truth


Preparing for my seminar was theraputic. I gained so much insight on myself!

I worked hard to give my best and all. While practicing my presentation aloud, I realized a hint of pain from my postpartum depression lingered…I broke down crying. Secrets I never shared with anyone was the missing piece to my complete healing. Hearing my own pain from myself made things even more real.  I thought, “Wow, I went through that!” “How did I make it without losing my mind?”

Years ago, I would often hear the mothers of the church say, “God kept my mind when I should have lost it.” Never fully understanding the point of their statements. Now, I do! When I was at my weakest point, God was my strength. Many times I felt alone, but he was there all the time. He was present through my family, friends, and doctor.

I count it as an honor and privilege to deliver my truth to other women. There is no shame nor guilt in being a blessing.


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