Working on Option Two

I entered into my coworkers’ office, where I encountered my first test for the day. She greeted me by saying, I looked nice. Then, she proceeded to ask me if I was going to the club after work (I had on a maxi dress).  Now, I had two options on how to react. One- Become indignant or Two- Ignore. I chose 3- The stare down. I gave her a look that brought a loud silence of discomfort.

I can’t say I was pleased with my reaction. I didn’t react verbally, but my body language was screaming nasty words. I was disappointed in myself. I’m trying to master “the love walk”.

I do not believe in allowing people to bulldoze over you. Yet, there is not always a need to retaliate. I am held accountable for my own actions. There are going to be people who do not have the right thing to say. It’s my job to respond in the right way.

I’m pretty sure, someone else will say something disrespectful…more practice to master “the love walk”.


Married life


Once the novelty of the shiny new rings wear off; and after the honeymoon…the married life begins.

Marriage is not always easy. Two very unique people have come together as one (lawd, my husband and I are so “special”). Regardless, of how much we love each other our differences clash. At one point, I wondered if I was going to make it. Sometimes, our clashes felt like a war. In every conflict, there is a learning curve. For me, growth in the area of communication; and of course, taming the tongue. It’s ok to let go of “it’s not that serious issues”. So what, he does not make the bed everyday. So what, he leaves the sliding door open for the dog. So what, he does not wipe the toothpaste splatter off the bathroom mirror. So what, he leaves the toilet seat up… well, I kinda wish he would put it down at all times. I almost fell in the toilet. Nevertheless, It’s a lot of other things he does right!! He loves me unconditionally!!

We made a vow, for better or for worse. The worse is only temporary; for better is eternal.

I love my husband!!

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There is not a cup that can quench my thirst. This plate set before me cannot hold what I need. I’ m on a quest for change.

Tired of the same things. Man, I’m not feeling fulfilled. I’ve lost enough sleep and time. I have to overcome this hurdle. I’m moving forward without any doubts. Thanks to my past and present. I’m figuring it out.

Launching out into entrepreneurship.

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It still makes me giggle three years later:)

Monday night…more like super, early Tuesday morning my daughter woke up. She refused to go back to sleep. After about an hour, we figured out she was having a teething moment (don’t judge us…we are new parents). I gave her a dose of Tylenol to ease her pain. While we waited for the medicine to do its job, my husband decided to take her into the living room to watch tv. At least, I thought that was the case hmmm…

The next afternoon my husband said to me, “Brielle likes Cap N Crunch cereal.” “How do you know that?”, I asked him in a curious manner. Nonchalantly, my husband said, “I fed her some while we were up watching tv.” I’m thinking, who does that? My husband…SMH. I suggested feeding her Cheerios next time.

Well, he fed her a mixture of Cheerios and Cap N Crunch later that evening. I just smiled.

We all win! Including the baby!!

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I recall years ago, I was not 100% happy with my appearance. I had bucked teeth.  This “imperfection” would nag at my self esteem.

During conversations I would wonder if the person I was conversing with was genuinely engaged in what I was saying; or were they staring at my teeth. Sometimes, I fell in the background due to the way I saw myself. Years later, I wore braces to correct my teeth. I never smiled so much in my life after having my braces removed.  My smile was like the sun breaking through dark clouds on a rainy day. Most importantly, I was still the same person. It didn’t change my personality…just my teeth.

Do not allow an “imperfection” stop you from being great!! It’s not your voice. It’s not your truth.

*We were all skillfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14 KJV).

Not a Mind Reader…


I got so upset with my husband because he did not read my thoughts. I needed him to automatically know to get our daughter dressed; and take her to school. I told him earlier I was not feeling the best. I couldn’t understand why it didn’t register for him to get up and prepare the baby for daycare. Like hello!! What was I thinking? He’s not a mind reader. And an attitude didn’t help either.

Most men and women think differently. We (women) know how to fill in the gaps…unspoken. I should of communicated my needs instead of an attitude. Gosh, I wasted unnecessary energy. The lack of communication plays out daily on our jobs,in our homes, and relationships.

Just state what you need. No one is a mind reader.


Think About It

Can I become an entrepreneur, if I do not surround myself with risk takers?

*Can I become a better wife, if I’m always hanging out with my single friends?

Can I become a stronger christian, if I barely spend time with God?

Can I become a good listener, if I’m the one always talking?

Can I become a writer, if I never pick up a pen and write?

What are you pursuing, but not doing it? (read it again)

*Thanks to Shaia Simmons for inspiring one of the questions.

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